as still in wonder the senses are caught up when the sea delivers — /
but once — /
a wave of pure ivory — /
or etched in salt is a cathedral of the world.

(Ellen Hinsey)

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The success of our work over the past 25 years is in no small part due to the many poetry lovers who have also become Friends of the Lyrik Kabinett. They accompany and support the Lyrik Kabinett while at the same time enriching their own lives. In the many readings organized by the Lyrik Kabinett they experience contemporary poetry live and discover the poetry of previous ages and cultures.

The Friends of the Lyrik Kabinett Foundation have continuously supported the Lyrik Kabinett in all its activities, from its expanding library, readings, and publications to its creative work with children and adolescents. The enthusiasm of members contributes directly toward strengthening poetry’s position in contemporary cultural life. We want to hand on this interest in poetry to the younger generation and to encourage a living poetry scene no less than an awareness of the literary tradition. We lay particular value on grasping art beyond linguistic and cultural boundaries.

We need fellow enthusiasts, comrades, and friends to help us reach our aims.

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If you want to support poetry, if you want to help make it accessible to as many people as possible, and if you want to experience it yourself at the Lyrik Kabinett, then become a member of our association of Friends. As a member or sustaining member you will be supporting an exceptional institution born of private initiative and the will to create change and that thrives on civic involvement.

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